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Happy New Year


So hello everyone here is my DID YOU KNOW for today and I am going to be doing it on Cats. So I will say how to work out how old a cat is in cat years after the facts. Next time I will be doing dogs so watch out for that.



The hairs inside a cat’s ears are called ear furnishings- they insulate the ear and help with hearing.

There are more than 10 million cats in the UK.

A group of cats is called a Clowder and a group of kittens is a Kindle.

Cats sleep around two thirds (66%) of the time.

By the time a cat is nine years old it will only have been awake for three years!!!!!

Cats are unable to taste anything sweet.

Cats can produce more than 100 vocal sounds.



Cat Age Calculator:

So add 15 years for the first year that they’ve been alive. Then add 10 years for the second year that they’ve been alive. Then after that add 4 years for every extra year they’ve been alive.

So here is some examples:

1 human year = 15 cat years

2 human years = 25 cat years

3 human years= 29 cat years

4 human years= 33 cat years

5 human years= 37 cat years

6 human years= 41 cat years

7 human years= 45 cat years

8 human years= 49 cat years

10 human years= 53 cat years

11 human years= 57 cat years

12 human years= 61 cat years

13 human years= 65 cat years

14 human years= 69 cat years

15 human years= 73 cat years

16 human years= 77 cat years

17 human years= 81 cat years

18 human years= 85 cat years

19 human years= 89 cat years

20 human years= 93 cat years

and so on…


Christmas Traditions (Iceland)


At Christmas time in Iceland, families give gifts of warm clothing to each member of their household. According to legend, there is a frightening Christmas cat who gobbles up anyone not equipped for the cold and wintery weather. Families work together to ensure nobody will go to the Christmas cat.


Thanks to https://santatracker.google.com/#traditions for that information.

Getting the perfect present

They have said what they want but if I give it to them then it will be no surprise. If I give them something similar then they might not get what they want and they might be sad because they were expecting what they said.  Mmmmm I’ll get them what they said.